Friday, November 27, 2009

Anne Thongparsom แอน ทองประสม

Thai's most influential actress, host and producer Anne Thongparsom (also known as แอน ทองประสม in Thailand) recently talked about her views on marriage in Thai DailyNews:

Anne said that about her getting marry will probably be in a long time, it will depend on the right timing, she's not hurrying it. She's also not afraid of getting marry, but she will not neglect it because mirrage is a big decision that will have to take time and get to know one another.As for my love life right now, it's good ka. I'm still not thinking about getting marry yet ka because I want to fully use the knowledge that I have learned and use it in the entertainment works. I think that about 35-36 I'd be able to get marry. The reason that a lot of people have ask me about this might be because all of my friend had all gotten married. The reason that I'm not marry is not because I'm afraid of mirrage life, but it that's I'm not ready yet and right now I have a lot of work I have to do ka

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